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  Last Open: 0.0031       Last Price: 0.0027     ( -12.90 %)     Total Volume: 11163400 shares      Float: -- shares
  High of the Day: 0.0032       Low of the Day: 0.0025      Last Price is in the top   28.57% of the day's trading range.
  Trades below current price: 20%       Volume traded below current price: 21%
  Trades during last 15 minutes: 8.00%     Trades during last hour: 20.00%    
  Volume traded during last 15 minutes: 1.82%     Volume traded During Last Hour: 4.27%    

  Short Volume traded last trading session: 3131800 shares       ( 27.53 % of total volume traded )
  Short Volume traded two trading sessions ago: 5502000 shares       ( 50.01 % of total volume traded )

  Current Promotion Campaign Start Date:   unknown
  Number of Known Previous Campaigns:   0

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